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The History of the Ranch

Located between Santa Cruz and Monterey on California’s central coast, The Brothers Ranch was originally home to the Native American Ohlone tribe and was a sacred site for their spiritual celebrations. In 1824, 14 square miles of the land was parceled out as part of the Mexican Land Grant. It became Rancho Bolsa de Cayetano or the ‘pocket of Saint Cayetano’ with the pocket referring to the Elkhorn Slough which surrounds the pocket of land. Ignacio Vicente Ferrer Vallejo, a sergeant in the Spanish Army of New Spain, lived there with his wife and 13 children. Following the Mexican-American War the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo provided that the Mexican land grants would be honored and the land was left to family heirs or sold.

In 1969 the Brothers family purchased this beautiful property from J.B. Sprague Johnson (The J in MJB Coffee Company). From the 1980s through the 1990s the family raised cut flowers on the ranch and Brothers Brothers Inc. grew into one of the largest cut flower operations in the United States.

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The Brothers Family

Today, second generation owners Gary and Cheryl, the third generation, Jonathan and Jessie, and the fourth generation, Renick, continue to live and work on the land. Along with training and breeding horses, the Brothers family spends their days growing tropical plants and flowers and maintaining the 25 acres of beautiful gardens and barns that are the wedding and event venue.

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Born and raised on Brothers Ranch, this property is my life's work and growing plants and landscaping are my passion. After spending years doing elaborate garden installation for clients in LA, I came back home to the ranch with all of my plants and started my own gardens with the dream of eventually opening a wedding venue. 20 years later this dream has come true. I'm excited to host you and to help you make your wedding vision come to life!


After spending years traveling around the world working on different farms and ranches I swiped right on tinder and met the love of my life, Jonathan. Since getting married, we've spent the past 2 years building our event venue business together. I bring my passion for sustainable agriculture to managing the gardens and landscape around the venue. You may see me using my goats to help with some of the weeding! I also manage all of our bookings and can't wait to work with you to make your wedding weekend the best of your life.

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